Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pretzel Crusted Pickles with Dipping Sauce

For the sauce mix

¼ c. red onion, finely diced
3 T. spicy brown mustard
2 T. yellow mustard
3 T. mayo
½ t. paprika
¾ t. garlic powder
s & p

For the chips

Vegetable oil for frying
6 large dill pickles, sliced diagonally
2 c. salted mini pretzels
2 large eggs
½ c. flour
celery salt

Crush (blender,food processor or in a baggie with a rolling pin or something heavy) the pretzels. Transfer
to a shallow bowl. Whisk eggs in a shallow bowl and put flour in another. Pat the pickles dry with a paper towel and dredge; first in flour, then egg and finally in the pretzels. Fry, a few at a time and serve warm with sauce.

I didn’t cut on a diagonal because that would possibly make them bigger which is a sure fire way of getting double dipping.

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