Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mini Ruebens

This is just construction really. There is no cooking involved until they are reheated.

1 lb. deli corned beef, sliced thinly
1 lb. domestic swiss, sliced thinly
1 jar of sauerkraut
1 jar of thousand island salad dressing
2 loaves of pumpernickel cocktail rye
2 sticks butter, thawed

Rinse and drain sauerkraut. Place in a bowl and mix in salad dressing. To assemble I cut the corned beef and cheese to fit the bread as well as I can without having any hangover. Take two pieces of bread and lay out. Put a piece of cheese on each piece (this holds the sandwich together when heating). Place a small amount of corned beef on one piece and spread a dab (let's say 1/2 t.) of kraut mix on the other. Put the sandwich together and butter both outsides (do not use melted butter). Place on waxed or parchment paper in a freezer storage box. You can layer them but make sure to put the paper in between. Freeze in the container. When ready to use, take out the amount you need and place on parchment lined sheet pan. Heat frozen sandwiches at around 350º until ready to eat. Yum.

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