Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Salad With Stuffed Campari Tomatoes

Salad With Stuffed Campari Tomatoes

(stuffing for 8+)
1 pkg cream cheese (softened)
1 heaping tbs mayo
 1 T. horseradish
8 slices of bacon (crumbled) 2 green onions (chopped finely)
8 tomatoes

Slice top of tomatoes and take out seeds.
Place upside down on paper towels.
Slice bottom of tomatoes so they sit upright when filled.
Fill tomatoes and refrigerate.

Per plate:
3 asparagus sautéed for three minutes in a touch of olive oil that is screaming hot.
Avocado slice, drizzled with fresh lemon juice to avoid discoloration
Dress lightly with oil & vinegar, s & p.....not to take away from tomato filling

I cut around the tomato top the place where the stem was attached (the shoulder)and minced it up and added it to the stuffing.  Waste   not, want not.
Enjoy......I like making sandwiches with the cream cheese mixture. Millie gave me a whole container of the tomato stuffing mix and I had it for dinner on Ritz crackers. I still dream about that meal.

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  1. Looks great! Have to put this on my recipe list for when we get back to Michigan!! Thanks!!


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